2019 Taipei Touch Winter League

Divisions: Mixed

Tournament Info

Organised by Taipei Touch Association, an affiliate of Chinese Taipei Touch Association 

Wintertime Touchy is back! Time to get your teams together for the Winter 2019 edition of the Taipei Touch League.

League dates are:
Week 1 - 9am Oct 26 (@ TAS)
Week 2 - 9am Nov 2 (@ TAS)
Week 3 - 9am Nov 9 (@ TAS)
Week 4 - 9am Nov 16 (@ TAS)
Week 5 - 9am Dec 7 (@ TAS)
Week 6 - 9am Dec 14 (@ Bailing)

Team Entry Details :
Player Entry Fee: NT$700 per player
Team registration closes at 11:59pm Wednesday, October 16th. 

For entrance to TAS teams will need to provide player's FULL NAME (First and Last Name) for registration. No registration will be accepted past the deadline and teams must use the registration form provided at: https://tournaments-tta.herokuapp.com/

Team lists & team payments are to be finalized by 5pm on October 23. No additional players can be added to teams after this date. Payment details will be provided upon completion of tournament registration.

Playing Rules: 
  • Modified FIT Rules (minimum 2 females on field at all times). 
  • When playing against TAS Female Teams, a maximum of 3 males players can be on the field at any one time.
  • Playing times: TBC depending on how many teams register.
  • Referees: Each team must nominate at least 4 referees

Please remember that this is still a social competition. As a TTA organised event all players are bound by the Chinese Taipei Touch Association Code of Conduct (you can find it here: https://taiwantouch.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/code-of-behaviour-for-all-members-13-nov-20142.pdf)

冬季觸球時間要來咯! 大家趕緊把球隊準備好,參加2019 年冬季臺北觸球聯賽。

10月26日 早上9點 (在台北美國學校)
11月2日 早上9點(在台北美國學校)
11月9日 早上9點(在台北美國學校)
11月16日 早上9點(在台北美國學校)
12月7日 早上9點(在台北美國學校)
12月14日 早上10點(在百齡球場)

球員報名費: NT$700 
球隊註冊將會在 2019 年 10 月 16 日 11:59 pm 截止。

為了美國學校的規則, 請填寫全名 (姓名) 註冊. 我們將不接受超過期限的球隊註冊,而球隊必須使用此連結來登記球隊 : https://tournaments-tta.herokuapp.com/

一旦完成註冊,我們將提供繳費資訊. 請務必於10月23日下午5點前完成註冊及繳費. 逾時將不接受報名或更改球隊人員名單.

  • 修改過的FIT規則 (場上最少2名女球員。
  • 跟TAS比賽時別對的男人不得超過3男人)
  • 比賽時間: 要看有幾個對報名。
  • 裁判: 每隊必須提名最少4名裁判


Registration Closed